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Report on One Day PLF/WAWO/WFTU National Seminar on Gender Equality and the Role of Trade Unions on
28th June,2010 At Lahore.

A one Day National Seminar on Gender Equailty and the Role of Trade Unions was organised by Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) with the collaboration of World Asian Workers Organization (WAWO) and World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) on 28th June,2010 at Hotel Ambassador Lahore Pakistan.70 Participants from different Trade Unions representative were partcipated from all over the Country.

Honourable Syed Mumtaz Alam Gallani Federal Minister For Human Rights Islamic Republic of Pakistan was the Chief Guest.

 Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian Founder/Secretary General PLF/WAWO welcome the Participants and Honourable Chief Guset for their valuable participation and said that  The Global crisis has deepened inequality and undermined women’s Rights, The Trdae Unions  sets out a programme of action to achieve Gender Equality in the workplace and society. He said that  women constitute half the world’s population, perform two-thirds of the work. Women make up the majority of workers with precarious jobs and of workers in the unprotected informal economy. Women constitute nearly half the world’s migrants, and the trafficking of women is increasing. He told the participants that according to  The ILO  estimates  18.7 million  women lost their jobs in 2009, as a direct result of the financial crisis. He called on participants of the Seminar to support of the PLF Women Wing campaign Say No - Unite to end violence against women.

Mrs Atia Saleem Chairperson said that “Violence affects all lives, and millions of women around the world. Violence cuts across all classes, and impedes women’s rights to participate fully in society. Violence is a crime against women,” she said. that the issue of ending violence against women  has rightly been called the “missing target” of the Millenium Development Goals, and spoke about how it is critical to engage men and boys in order to achieve lasting change on this issue. She said that PLF Women Wing  will be working together with with the Affiliates of WFTU on the Globe to “intensify the Decent Work for Decent Life for Women Campaign aimed at achieving Social Justice and Gender Equality at the workplace and in Trade Unions an to continue the drive to organise women workers, particularly in EPZs and the informal economy, as well as domestic, migrant, rural, young, and other vulnerable workers.”

Mr Waheed Ahmad Ch Advocate Legal Advisior PLF/WAWO  emphasised that in spite of the growth in women’s membership of PLF affiliates to 20 percent and the efforts made to better represent women in their structures and policies, the full integration of Gender perspective in Trade Union decision-making, policies and activities remains inadequate. He said that Trade unions must be at the forefront of the struggle, to achieve Gender Equality in the workplace, in their policies, in their own structures and in society.

He  also pledged that the PLF would continue to work with the WFTU. to increase wages and better working conditions of Workers,Gender Equailty,eradication of Poverty and Unemployment on the Globe. He said that “We have met major obstacles in organising these workers because there are Anti Trade Unions  groups on that do not allow labour to farm a Trade Union.and to protect the  Fundamental Rights of workers. He said that we will contimue our struggle to protect the rights of the workers.

Ms Rizwana Yasmin Senior Vice President PLF/ Secretary General Women Employees Welfare Association (WEWA)  said that The rights of Women  workers in the Public and Private Institutions are also being violated.“Labour law is not implimented. The law is not protecting Women workers. She Said that we believe we will be successful in achieving our Goal to protect the Working Women Basic Rifgts.She said.PLF work with WFTU affiliates to draw the world’s attention to the horrendous situation of Violation of Workers Basic Rights.She also ugres the the different leaders form diffirent organisations to ensure and strongly work on gender equality , gender identity and  rights of sexual minorites exists in the society. She  affirmed that workers’ rights are human rights,  gender based rights should be promoted and defending fundamental human rights and the women workers’ rights is and must remain a priority for the PLF/WFTU.

Mrs Shumalia Sadiq Secretary Women Wing Siad that  The right to form and join a Trade Union, the Right to Bargain, and the Right to Free and independent Trade Union action are essential for all working people to defend and promote their interests. She Underlining the crucial role of the ILO, the PLF/WAWO deplored and condemned the persistent and widespread violation of Fundamental Workers’ Rights.

Simona Adriana Secretary Women Wing of WAWO in Europe also shared her views and she siad that we should work to eradicate all forms of forced labour. Urgent efforts be needed to eradicate the growth of trafficking and other abuses related to globalisation  for the eradication of child labour,  gender discrimination, .violance aginst women, gender equality and provide opportunities to all minorties to participate in all sorts of basics activities which ensure the fundamental human rights.

Honourable Chief Guest Syed Mumtaz Alam Gallani siad that with our women Participation no socity can prosper and achive their goal for the development of the Country.He said the presend Government restore the Trade Union activities and also providing the Womens representation in all decsion making authorties.He appreciated the Role of Trade Unions for the Gender Equality and assure his full coopration to the Leadesr of Pakistan Labour Federation and annouance his full support on behalf of the Government of Pakistan to protect the Basic Rights of Womens workers at Work place

Mrs Samia Gul Khan,Mrs Semi,Mrs Zahada,Muhammad Amin Bhatti,Rana Muhammad Akram,Molvi Muhammad Aslam,Muhmamd Yousaf Malik,Moaz Ahmaad,Muhammad Saleem,Sh Muhammad Iqbal also addressed the Seminar

(Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian)
Founder/Secretary General


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