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Report about one day National Seminar on Labour Rights are Human Rights 0n 20th June,2010 at Hotel Ambassador Lahore Pakistan.


A  National Seminar on Labour Rights are Human Rights was organized by Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) with the collaboration of  World Asian Workers Organization (WAWO) at Hotel Ambassador Lahore at 2.00 O Clock on 20th June,2010.

The Seminar was presided by Main Muhammad Ayub Advisor to Prime minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan on Youth Affaires.

Trade Union representatives from all over the country including 30 Women’s participated. Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian Founder/ Secretary General PLF  invited the Participants  to express their views about the challenges faced in the Area of their Basic Rights  and make practicable Suggestions for the improvement in the current situation to safe the workers from victimization of Employers and government. He Said that promotion and protection of Human Rights had always been a major source of concern in Pakistan. He said that as Trade Union Leaders it is our duty to launch programme for raising awareness amongst the Workers and review the situation regarding the Implementation of Labour Laws and to collect the information and Reports on complaint and allegation of violations of Workers Basic Rights in the Country  by the Employers as well as by the Government.

Mrs Atia Saleem Chairperson said that from 14th May,2000 the PLF project HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION AND AWRENESS PROGRAMME FOR LABOUR (HEAL) is working for the provisions guarantees protection to the Rights of Workers according to the constitution of Pakistan for the dignity of Labour.She appreciated the Services of the HEAL director Mr Waheed Ahmad Advocate and the other Members for their meritorious Services for the protection of the Workers Basic Right She said that to create awareness about the threats posed to the Workers by the Employers/Government. By the HEAL is highly commendable.

Waheed Ahmad Ch Advocate Legal Advisor (PLF) and Director PLF/HEAL Center Demanded the Government  for the allocation of sufficient funding for promotion of awareness, training and research to protect the workers Basic Rights in the light of Globalization as well as the Agenda of ILO Decent Work. He said that it is the duty of Trade unions that they should worked hard to protect the Basic rights of the and monitoring of violation of workers Rights in the Country and approaching the Government for the remedy, He said that there is need for Trade Unions all over the World to be more united in the struggle for workers Rights, Social Justice, Democracy and more equitable distribution of wealth.

Rana Muhammad Akram Dy Secretary General PLF and President Railway Workers Federation Said that we should work hard for the safeguarding the Basic Rights and interests of the workers.

Mrs Shumalia Sadiq Secretary Women Wing PLF said that PLF/HEAL CENTERE has continuously intensified its efforts in the enforcement of relevant Laws and regulations to protect the legitimate Rights and interest of the  workers.

Ms Rizwana Yasmeen  Senior Vice President PLF and President Working Women Welfare Organization said that any workers of any Trade Union considering himself a victim can approach to PLF /HEAL Center for the redress of his grievances and PLF/HEAL Center take action and provide all type of relief to the victim She said that for the removal of  Discrimination against the Women workers  the Trade Unions have very effective Role and Responsibilities in the Society and they can play very positive Role for protecting Workers legitimate Rights. She said that we believe that it is the common aspiration of Trade Unions to safe the workers Basic Rights.

Main Muhammad Ayub express his full support to the workers and assure his full coopration.He said that the Present Government removed the ban on Trade Unions activities and to increase the 50% wages of the Workers. He said that for the industrial revolution and industrial peace the partnership amongst the Workers, Employers and Government is essential, He appreciated the efforts and working of Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) for holding this  seminar 

Molvi Muhammad Aslam Chairman  said that PLF will continue its efforts to encourage its all affiliates to  Strengthen its cooperation with the all other Trade Unions those are working on this issue. Habibullha Khan Khattak President PLF Sindh, Sh Muhammad Iqbal President PLF Punjab, Mrs Semi Chanan Din, Mrs Atia Sabar, Mrs Saleem Bibi, Mr Nazakat Hussain appreciated the efforts and struggle of PLF/WAWO for the protection of Workers Basic Rights  Mrs Nadara Shahzad,Mrs Hina Noor,Mrs Nahid Akhtar,Mrs Zabda,  also addressed the Seminar.

(Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian)
  Founder/Secretary General


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