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URGENT-Appeal for Support in Relief Work

Pakistan is facing yet another emergency situation due to severe flooding caused by heavy rainfall which, according to UN reports, has directly affected 12 million people so far. More than 12 million people have suffered due to these floods. More than 650,000 houses have collapsed, mainly in villages.

Thousands of acres of crops have been destroyed due to flood water. Houses, live-stock such as cattle’s and goats, household goods, clothes, shoes and other items have been destroyed.  Residents of villages are currently without drinkable water, food, shelter and in need of clothes. 

In particular, the situation is dire for children and women and they are in desperate need of food and clothing. Disease is spreading fast in the areas affected due to lack of drinkable water. In particular, flu, fever, diarrhea, cholera have been noted and are spreading.  

Pakistan Labour Federation, is actively engaged in providing and coordinating relief to those affected across Pakistan through its partner community based organizations in all over Pakistan.

We would like to appeal to all to help us in raising funds. Your contribution will be highly appreciated and will be used to set up medical camps and purchase goods necessary for immediate relief such as food items, medicines and clothing. The funds will later be used for the particular needs of communities based on a reassessment of the situation.

All donation send to Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF)
Habib Bank Ltd (HBL) Batapur Branch, Lahore. Pakistan
Branch Code 0522,
A/C# 1090-83.

Best Regards

Waheed Ahmad
Advocate High Court
Contact Person for Pakistan AIJA
Director Human Rights/ HIV/AIDS Center( PLF)
Legal Aid Commissioner
International Criminal Court (ICC)
Cell#  +92-300-4254329 and 0092-333-4639652
Fax#  0092-42-36844293
Email :

Dear Collegues...!

We have the honour to inform you that we are holding International Labour Conference from 19th to 21st October, 2009 at Hotel Ambassador Lahore Pakistan.

The Delegate from U.K, Egypt, Italy, Malaysia will be attending this Conference.

ILO Conventions 87 & 98 and Ban on Trade Unions in Pakistan.
Decent Work Agenda of ILO, Globalization/Privatization and Rights of the Workers Chalk out a programme for International Solidarity to protect the Workers Basic Rights.
We shall be greatful if you may kindly send a message of solidarity before 30th July, 2009.
An early reply will be highly appreciated.
With regards.

              Yours truly,

    ( Arian Haji Muhammad Saeed )                      ( Mrs. Atia Saleem )
    Founder/Secretary General                                Chairperson

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