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Report National Seminar Organized by Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) with the collaboration of International Labour Organization (ILO) and World Asian Workers Organization (WAWO) on 28thApril,2009 at Hotel Holiday Inn Lahore Pakistan


On the occasion of International Workers Memorial Day On 28th April,2009 A National Seminar was organized by Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) with the Collaboration of International Labour Organization (ILO) and World Asian Workers Organization (WAWO) at Hotel Holiday Inn Lahore Pakistan at 2.00.OClock.
100 Participants from all over the Country were participating including 2o women’s
Excellency Syed Mumtaz Alam Gallani Federal Minister for Human Rights  was the Chief Guest.
Honourable Ex Minister Mr Kanwar Qatab ud Din presided the seminar
Mr Maqtadar Akhtar Shahbeer Secretary Lahore High Court Bar Association and
Mr Sheikh Saeed Anwar attended this seminar as Guests of Honoure

Haji Muhammad Saeed Secretary General  welcomed the Participants and Chief Guest for their valuable Participation and said that 28th April is memorial Day to remember the estimated two million workers who die each year at work place accident due to non observe the safety Rules. He said that we must highlight the prevention of accidents at Workplace, and to aware the workers to improve health and safety at Workplace. He said that 28th April is also a day to remember all workers who lost their lives during performing their duty at Workplace. He appreciated the Assistance of Mr Dongli LI Director ILO office for Pakistan and Mr Peter A Newns President WAWO for holding this National Seminar. He said that each year hundred thousands workers are killed on site and thousands are injured and disabled due to bad and illegal working conditions at Workplace. He said that the ILO Aimed to contribute to reducing the number of work related deaths each year, including those resulting from HIV/AIDS and to making work decent by eliminating workplace stigma and discrimination related to HIV/AIDS

Mrs Atia Saleem Chairperson said that Trade Unions should highlighting the urgent need for the safety of the Workers. She said that for increasing Awareness amongst workers regarding the Occupational Health & safety Trade Union can play very effective Roles. She said that Government should ratified ILO Convention 176 regarding Health & Safety Mines Workers, Convention 155 regarding Occupational Safety & Health,Convention 148 regarding Safe Work Environment and Convention 174 regarding the prevention of Major Industrial Accidents.

Mr Abdul Karim Shiekh Senior Vice President PLF said that it is honor for us to provide Occupational Health & Safety Training by the Director of PLF Occupational Health & safety Center and also provide them knowledge regarding Safety Rules to enable them for their Safety at Workplace. He called for assurance of a safe and secure environment for workers.

Rana Muhammad Akram Dy Secretary General demanded the to ratified ILO Convention 176 to safe the Life’s of the Mines Workers in Baluchistan

Mr Waheed Ahmad Ch Advocate Legal Advisor PLF said that in 2003 the ILO began to observe World Day stressing the prevention of Accidents and illness at Work. He said that 28th April is also day the World Trade Union movement has long associated with commemorating victims of occupational accidents and disease. He said that the Aims of this Seminar  is to promote Safe and healthy work place and make decent work

He said that Government should ratified ILO Conventions on Occupational Health & Safety. He said that Trade Unions have a history in the struggle for social and economic rights, equal opportunities and human dignity.

Excellency Chief Guest Syed Mumtaz Alam appreciated the services of ILO for the maintenance of better Tripartite Relations as well as provision of healthy working conditions. He said that  Government had very soft corner and love with  the Workers Community of Pakistan and to safe the workers from accident at work place and also take a lot of positive measures and also include the Occupational Safety Health in New  Labour Policy in the light of ILO Conventions. He assured the participants that for the safety of Workers the Safety Rules should be adopted strictly in all over the Country and Safety Equipment should be provided to all workers. He said that Trade Unions representatives are to be actively involved in all decision-making at every stage of the planning regarding Occupational Health &Safety at Workplace. He appreciated the working of PLF for their services to protect the Workers and appreciated the Assistance of ILO and WAWO for holding this useful type of Seminar. He announced his full cooperation and  has said legislation had been proposed for strict enforcement of Safety Rules at the Workplace in the New Labour Policy. He said the Trade Unions Employers and Government required to join hands to prevent accidents at Workplace. Minister said that he will be form a Human Rights Committee at District Level, Regional level, Provincial level, and Central level to watch and stop the victimization of Workers and announced that in all committees two representatives of Pakistan Labour Federation will be nominated as Member

Kanwar Qatab ud Din said that it is the duty of Trade Unions to safe the workers from occupational illness and take necessary action for positive change to make workplace safer and risk free. He appreciated the PLF planning to organize the Seminars at city level, Districts level, Regional level. Provincial and Central level to create awareness amongst the Workers on Safety Rules and announce his full cooperation.

Sheikh Saeed Anwar appreciated the efforts of PLF/ILO/WAWO for Organizing this Seminar on very important issue and to provide information on health and Safety and carry out a health and safety Training Programme He said that in Quetta Baluchistan the Mining workers are facing problems for their safety and the Mining workers are in support of ILO Convention 176.He demanded for the Ratification and implementation of the Safety and Health in Minis Convention and calls upon the ILO to continue to promote ratification

Mr Maqdar Akhtar Shahbeer Secretary Lahore High Court Bar Association said that the purpose of the celebration of this day is to save industrial workers from mishaps and diseases. He said that protection of rights of the Workers and provision of facilities to them is necessary for industrial Development

Ms Shamila Sadiq Chairperson Pakistan Transport Workers Federation Women Wing said that the world day for safety and health at work is to promote safe and healthy work places and make decent work a reality . She said that we should continue our activities for the protection of the workers from accidents at work place.

Mrs Nadra Manzur President PLF Women Wing Punjab Mrs Nadara Manzur,Mrs Rakhsanda Naheed Secretary Women Wing Punjab, Mrs Sami Chanan Din President Multan, Mrs Naheed Akhtar, Mrs Rukhsana Nahid, Mrs Zahida, Muhammad Latif Malik, Mr Ghulam Rasool. Muhammad Aslam Muhammad Rasheed, Molvi Muhammad Aslam, Malik Khalid Mahmood and Sh Muhammad Iqbal President PLF Punjab also addressed the Seminar.

The Chief Guest distributed the Certificate amongst the participants

(Haji Muhammad Saeed)
Secretary General



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