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Report about 3 Days International  Seminar on  Decent Work, Globalization and problems of the Workers from 14th to 16th Decembner,2009 At Hotel Ambassador Lahore Pakistan

3 Days International Seminar on Decent work, Globalization and problems of the Workers organized by Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) with the collaboration of  International Labour Organization (ILO) and World Asian Workers Organization (WAWO) at Hotel Ambassador Lahore from 14th to 16th December,2009.One hundred and Forty Trade Unions Representatives/Media from all over the Country including 6 member delegation from Arab Republic of Egypt and 2 Member delegation from UK attended this international Seminar  30  Women’s also  attended the Seminar.

Mr Peter A Newns Founder/President WAWO presided the inauguration ceremony.

Honourable Muhammad Ashraf Khan Sona Minster Labour & Human Resources Punjab was the Chief Guest. Haji Muhammad  Saeed Arian Founder/Secretary General PLF/WAWO welcome the participants and also Welcomed the delegation from Arab Republic of Egypt and United Kingdom. He said that we must work together for a fair Globalization and to face the challenges we can take strength from the ILO declaration on Social Justice for a fair Globalization. He said that Gender equality is a central element of the ILO,s Decent Work Agenda. The Women Wing of PLF currently engaged in a campaign to raise the visibility of Gender issues strives to ensure that women are empowered economically and receive equal treatment in Work Place and equal access to Decent Work  Mr Peter A Newns said that we are facing the Challenges due to Globalization and don not know how long and how serious the current Financial and Economical crises will be. But we do know that the impact on workers Lives, Job and Living and working conditions will be strong

The Chairperson Mrs Atia Saleem welcome the participants and said that the title of  This seminar is Decent Work, Globalization and problems of the Workers She said that the Workers in all around the World are facing lot of difficulties and problems due to Globalization. She said that Trade Unions should play very effective Role for the  solutions to protect the workers basic Rights. She said that it is the duty of Trade Unions to protect the basic rights and interests of the workers in the light of Globalization , She Said that it is the duty of Trade Unions to play an active Role to help their Members and Workers in their fight against the Privatization. She said that ILO Agenda for the reduction of Poverty and to improve the living and working condition is highly commendable

Mr Waheed Ahmad Ch President Youth Wing and Legal Adviser PLF  said that PLF has creating Awareness regarding the ILO Conventions in all over the Country at Work Place through Seminars and Workshops. He said that Trade Union workers can play very effective role to protect workers Basic Rights.. He said that PLF is working for the Gender equality and organize the youth of the Country. Mohamed Mohi El Din Mohmad Ismail Secretary General Trade Union of Agriculture Workers said that on international level to promote decent work agenda we should work together to face the challenges of Globalization and also joint struggle for Freedom of Association, the elimination of all forms of forced Labour, the effective abolition of Child Labour and the elimination of discrimination in employment. Mr Mohamed Badry Abdulla Khalil Vice President General Trade union of Railway Workers said that Decent work not only implies the right to work the free choice of employment, and better conditions of work and Social protection, but has to do with responsibly of Government /Employers to take the right decision and their commitment to implementing them and with the just involvement of everyone in the decision, and sharing of their benefits. He said that we are against privatization. Sayed Mahmed Mohmad Mossad Vice President General Trade Union of Land Transport Workers said that Decent work is work that gives you enough time and energy to eat, talk and play with your kids and help them out with their homework. Ms Rizwana Yasmin Senior Vice President PLF said that the Working Women’s are facing lot of problems and we are trying to organize women’s and to solve their problems. She appreciated the support of ILO/ WAWO for providing Assistance for  this International  Seminar on very important issue. She said that Decent work means keeping the dignity of individuals, respect a fair wage, and providing a good environment. Molvi Muhammad Aslam Chairman PLF said that PLF has continuously intensified its efforts to safe the  workers Rights at Work Place. He appreciated the efforts and struggle of Haji Muhammad Saeed Founder Secretary General to organize the International Seminar and provide the opportunity to exchange idea and views on the problems of the Workers on international level .

Malik Khalid Mahmood S.V President PLF (PUNJAB)  said that the Trade Unions have very effective Role and Responsibilities in the Society and they can play very positive Role for protecting the workers Rights. Shahzad Aslam Secretary General of All Pakistan Textile Garments & Leather Workers Federation demanded to Government to protect the Jobs of the Textile Workers in Fasialabad. While addressing the Seminar Gul Muhammad President PLF (BALUCHISTAN) Mr Habib ullha Khattak President PLF (SINDH) Mr Abdul Rehman Afradi President PLF (NWFP) Mrs Shahnaz Suhail President Women’s Wing Lahore, demanded that those Federation which are not affiliated with ITUC should be invited in ILO Seminar/Workshops and Training Programme in Turin Center as very special case. All Leaders and Participants unanimously support this suggestion and request the Director General ILO To consider this as very special Case

The Chief Guest distributed the Certificate amongst the Participants

(Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian)

Secretary General


Mr. Saeed Akhtar General Manager Pakistan Railways Presented Shield & Gift to the Participants of PLF/ILO/WAWO International Seminar.


Vice President of Egyption Trade Union Mr. Saeed Mosud presented Shield to Mr. Shahid Aslam Mohar Director Information Railways.


Mr. Saeed Akhtar General Manager Pakistan Railways presented Shield to Mr. Bakar Vice President Railway Union of Egypt..


Mr. Ashraf Khan Sona Minister Labour addressing Inaugration Ceremony of PLF/ILO/WAWO International Seminar on 14.12.2009


Mrs. Atia Saleem addressing PLF/ILO/WAWO International Seminar.


Participants of PLF/ILO/WAWO International Seminar with Mr. Saeed Akhtar General Manager Pakistan Railways on 16.12.2009


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