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Report about One day National Seminar on International Human Rights Day on 10th December,2009 at Hotel Ambassador Lahore Pakistan

 On the occasion of   International Human Rights Day a National Seminar was held at Hotel Ambassador Lahore Pakistan at 3.00.O Clock The theme of the Seminar was Women’s Rights are Human Rights, organized by Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) with the collaboration of World Asian workers Organization (WAWO) Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian Founder/Secretary General PLF/WAWO presided over the Seminar.

While addressing the Seminar Mrs Atia Saleem Chairperson (PLF) and President Pakistan Transport workers Federation (PTWF) said that now a days we are facing the problem of the brutality unleashed by the militants as well as the destruction caused by internal Conflicts in all over the Country. She said that as a Trade Union Leader we should work for the protection of the Basic Rights of Workers as well as the Rights of the Working Women’s. She said that A series of bomb attacks carried out by militants killing innocent peoples, Children’s, women’s and members of the security Forces. She said that Trade unions should work to support the longstanding efforts of women and civil society organizations worldwide to for the protection against exploitation by the middlemen by bringing home based women under the purview of Labour Laws

Mr.Waheed Ahmad Advocate Legal advisor  (PLF) said that it is the duty of the Government to protect the lives the peoples against the inhuman accesses.. He calls for respect for human dignity during any operation by the Government against the militant. He said that it is the responsibility of Trade Unions to protect the human Rights in the present scenario of Pakistan .

Ms Rizwana Yasmin Advocate Senior Vice President (PLF) and Secretary General Women Employees Welfare Association (Registered) said that PLF Human Rights Center is actively working for the protection of the Rights of the working Women’s, transgender community and other sexually oppressed people, she appreciated the Assistance and support of Mr. Peter A Newns Founder/ President WAWO for the  holding this Seminar. She said that to achieve our goals on this issue the implementation laws to address and repealed all sorts of exploitation, discriminatory laws against women and also adopt multi-sect oral National action plans, protect the rights of all people and strengthen data collection on the prevalence of violence against women and increase public awareness and social Mobilization.

Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian Secretary General said that it is very important to give attention to the Education on International Law of Human Rights .He said that Trade Unions committed to protect the Basic Rights of the Workers and particular the Working Women’s. He said that Trade Unions contributing a crucial role to play to ending such physical and mental violence and free in their right to chose life and own choice partner and immediately stop forced marriages and stop sexual violence and protect the rights of transgender people too and stop all stigmatized values in society that they play best role in the Community. He  said that all sorts of discriminatory laws against women repealed immediately.


 Mrs Shumila sadiq Secretary Women wing said that the main Challenges for women’s faces in the promotion and protection of their Basic Rights to ensure that International obligations Constitutional provision in the Law enacted the implantation machinery and monitoring mechanism created and various programmes launched bring a positive change in lives of women’s. She said that home based women workers were the victims of ruthless exploitation.


(Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian)
Founder/Secretary General

Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF)

Website www.plfpk.com.



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